Fequently Asked Question

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Fequently Asked Question

Fequently Asked Question

Do you want to know more about the Ektshaf platform? Here you will find many questions and answers about the platform :

Ektshaf platform

What is the Ektshaf platform?

Ektshaf platform:  is a platform like youtube for talent short videos. Ektshaf is the first platform to discover talent worldwide. Now you can discover your talent and earn money at the same time.

who is create ektshaf platfrom ?

It is an Arab youth idea that was created with Arab and foreign participation. Where the teamwork in the platform consists of a group of young people from the Arab world and European countries. You can see the platform's work team in the work team section of the platform's introductory page.

why I need use ektshaf platfrom ?

The idea of creating a platform dedicated to talented people so that there is one place that brings together all the talented people in this world with their different talents. . If you have a talent, you can put it on the stage for the whole world to see. You can also earn money by displaying your talent on the platform.

Register on the ektshaf platform

Is registration for the platform paid or free?

Registration in the Ektshaf platform is free and does not require you to pay any fees when registering on the platform.

Who can register for the Ektshaf platform?

Anyone with talent can register on the platform. There are no conditions for a specific age or specific country. Just have a talent that you want to show the world.

Why do I need to verify my identity on the Ektshaf Platform?

If you want to use all the features of the platform and make profits from the platform, you must verify your identity to ensure your true identity and that you are not a bot. you can know more about this here

Videos to the Ektshaf platform

Who can uploeded videos in Ektshaf platfrom ?

Anyone can upload videos to the platform. You just have to be expressing the talent that you have. Any other videos are not accepted on the platform.

How many videos can I upload to my account?

Each person will be allowed to upload videos to the platform with a specific size for one video and a specific area for all videos. You can see the policy of uploading videos on the platform to know the details.Click here .

Collecting points in the ektshaf platform

 What are collecting points in the ektshaf platform?

In the platform, we try to provide a lot of profit methods for users. The points collection system is one of these ways. Where you can earn money by doing specific tasks such as liking, commenting, sharing videos, and uploading videos, in return for that you will get points. These points you can later convert into money and request withdrawal to your account from the administration. You can learn more details about the points collection system.

chat and post

What is the chat and post in the Ektshaf platform?

It is important that there be continued interaction between the owners of the videos and the followers. This is what the platform provides for you so that there is a chat system and a system for publishing posts in your account on the platform. You can find out more details about the chat system and posts on the platform from here.

Memberships in the ektshaf platform

What are the Memberships in the ektshaf platform?

The membership system in the platform is divided into two types: the free type and the paid type, and each of them has specific characteristics. You can find out all the details about them through the following link
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