How can you use collecting points in the ektshaf platform?

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How can you use collecting points in the ektshaf platform?

How can you use collecting points in the ektshaf platform?

How can you use collecting points in the ektshaf platform?

We in the ektshaf platform are working to provide profitable methods for users in different forms in support and motivation because they used the ektshaf 
platform to display their talents.

How does the point earning system work?

The system works automatically in the platform, allowing each user to collect points in his account and then convert them into real money. He can request their withdrawal by submitting a request to the platform to withdraw money through his account in Paypal. and users can use it to buy other features in the platform as creating paid ads, buying videos and subscriptions to the paid channels.

How to collect points in the ektshaf platform?

All you have to do is have an active account and your identity has been Verification so that you can start collecting points by uploading videos and making likes, shares, and comments on other people's videos on the platform. The more you interact on the platform through likes, comments, and shares for other videos, the more points you will get.

How do you find how many points you have on the platform?

You can easily find out the number of your points that you have collected through the settings section and then the points. Where you will find the number of points and the distribution selected by the platform and this example :

How can you use collecting points in the ektshaf platform

  1. Like: for example 10 points
  2. Dislike: For example, 5 points
  3. Comment: for example 10 points
  4. Uploaded Videos : 15 points
  5. Watching Videos: for example 10 points

How do I convert points into money and request it from the platform?

In order to convert your points into money, you must first collect points, then from the Settings section, choose the Balance section

Balance section

Here you can see how much you earned for the points you collected previously.

Balance section

Balance settings

  1. Withdrawals : where you can see previous withdrawals for you
  2. Available Balance : It is your withdrawable balance
  3. Paypal email: where you can request a withdrawal through Paypal by put the email here
  4. Value amount : It determines the value of the amount you want to withdraw from the available balance. It must be higher than $20
  5. The maximum limit for your advertising campaign: If you are interested in making paid ads on the platform, you can use part of your balance by selecting it here to create paid ads
  6. submit  withdrawal request: After you have completed all the data, click here to send your request to the support officials in the platform

How can you benefit from your balance in the platform?

Other than that you can request to withdraw the balance to your PayPal account. There are other ways you can use the balance:

  1. Create sponsored ads on the platform
  2. Buy videos from others on the platform
  3. Pay a subscription to the paid channels on the platform

If you have a question, you can contact the support on the platform or send a message on the Contact Us page and we will answer you

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