The policy of uploading videos to the platform

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The policy of uploading videos to the platform

The policy of uploading videos to the platform

Talents supported by the ektshaf platform

We in the ektshaf
 platform work to support all talents of all kinds and from anywhere in the world. It is not a condition of a specific country or place. In the ektshaf platform, you can display your talent from anywhere in the world.

 We are not only interested in voice or artistic talents, we look forward to discovering and displaying all talents on the platform, but this will be according to a specific policy of the platform and each talent owner must agree to this policy before starting to use the platform, as it will be in the terms of the user agreement and privacy policy for the platform in The platform registration page.

Types of videos accepted on the platform

In the ektshaf
 platform, only videos that showcase talents to users will be accepted. Any other videos that do not contain content that shows the talent of the person who uploaded the video will not be accepted. 

The videos that users will upload to the platform will be manually reviewed by the work team On the platform to ensure that the videos meet the specifications required for uploading the videos to the platform.

Video duration

In the ektshaf 
platform, videos with a duration of 1 minute to 4 minutes maximum will be accepted. There will be a size specified by the platform for the videos that will be uploaded to the platform. 

The size of the video was determined based on the required duration in the videos, which was determined from one minute Up to 4 minutes only. Any video longer than that will not be accepted on the platform.

Video size

size videos

The maximum size of the videos that will be accepted on the platform is 48 megabytes per video. Any video that exceeds this size will not be accepted on the platform, as an automatic system has been set up to determine the size of the videos uploaded to the platform by users to not be more than 24 megabytes Byte.

Confirm identity and email

It is necessary for every user on the ektshaf 
platform to confirm the email registered and his identity on the platform in order to benefit from all the features in the platform.

If you have a question, you can contact the support on the platform or send a message on the Contact Us page and we will answer you

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