About Ektshaf Platform

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About Ektshaf Platform

Ektshaf Platform

Ektshaf platform

The first platform to discover talents in the world and give them an opportunity to earn money by sharing short videos that show their talents on the platform. In addition to the opportunity to showcase their talents in front of the most famous celebrities in the world. Ektshaf is your first place to showcase your talent to the world.

Idea platform Ektshaf

The idea of ​​the platform is to provide one place to discover talent in the world instead of waiting for talent discovering programs in different countries every year. Therefore, the idea was to have a platform that would provide us with an opportunity to discover talents at any time and help present these talents to the world to know these talents, and also help them with financial support through the profit methods provided by the platform.

Ektshaf platform goals

The main goal of establishing the platform is to reach every talent in this world that no one knows by having a place on an Ektshaf platform for the whole world to see, and we may be the reason to change the life of this talent one day.

The view of the platform

We look forward to reaching all the talents in the world and presenting their talents to those interested in them so that they have a better future than the current one.

Why Ektshaf

An ektshaf platform is the first of its kind in the world that works to give an opportunity to everyone who has a talent that it is time for the world to see your talent and give you evaluation for it, and you are joining the ektshaf platform may be a reason to change your life for the better.
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