Memberships in the ektshaf platform

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Memberships in the ektshaf platform

Memberships in the ektshaf platform

Memberships in the ektshaf platform

A ektshaf platform like any platform on the Internet that offers services and price plans, including free plans with limited capabilities and paid services with unlimited possibilities for users in the platform to be able to pay the platform’s operating expenses, including hosting, storage space, and other expenses for the work team

Free membership services in the  platform

The services that you can benefit from in the free membership as a user are:

  1. A limited number of videos that you can upload to your account on the platform (limited storage space for your videos).
  2. A limited number of daily total points (profit system from collecting points).
  3. You can't sell your videos on the platform.
  4. You cannot use the live video to create your videos on the platform.
  5. A limited number of fetching your videos on YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Paid membership services in the platform

You can take advantage of all these possibilities when you upgrade your account from free to pro

  1. You will get a more number of uploading videos to the platform 
  2. More storage space for your videos on the platform.
  3. An unlimited number of daily points collection to profit from the points collection system in the platform.
  4. It will be available for you to sell or rent your videos (in case the profits are activated in your account).
  5. You will be able to use the paid subscription to your channel (in case the earnings are activated).
  6. You will be able to use the live broadcast feature on the platform.
  7. You will be able to import your videos from YouTube and Facebook.

Which better free membership or paid membership in the platform?

Free membership:

If you do not know how to choose between the free membership or the paid membership in the platform. The free membership will be suitable for those who are not interested in publishing a lot of videos on the platform, so it will be enough in the storage space for his videos. 

Also, if you are not interested in doing a live broadcast with your channel followers on the platform, and bringing videos to you from YouTube and Facebook. The free plan will be perfect for you.

Paid Membership:

But if you are interested in publishing a lot of videos on the platform, you will need more space than is available in the free membership. Ad It will be suitable for those who want to do a live broadcast with the channel's followers and bring a large number of videos from YouTube and Facebook. Also, those interested in profiting from selling their videos on the platform to viewers will need a paid membership.

Questions and answers 

Can I use the free membership only?

Yes, you can use it with the possibilities available in it, which will be limited as we explained.

Is it a requirement to upgrade the free membership to the paid?

It is not a requirement that you upgrade your membership. Only do it when you need more possibilities than free membership.

Can I  upgrade from free to a paid membership at any time?

Yes, you can do that at any time you want through the membership section of your account on the platform.

How much does a paid membership cost on the platform?

In order to upgrade the free membership to the paid one and get more possibilities than the free one, you have to pay $10 Monthly.

Is the membership upgrade permanent or only with a monthly subscription?

Upgrading the membership will be monthly so after one month expired your subscription will expire automatically by the system in the platform and you will return to free membership.

What are the payment methods available in the platform to upgrade the membership from free to paid?

You can use Paypal, Visa, and your available balance from collecting points in the platform to upgrade your membership.

I upgraded the membership to the paid, but the feature to sell videos did not appear on my account?

In order to benefit from the feature of selling videos, you must first have active the profits on your videos on the platform, after getting the conditions for activating the profits and submitting a request for review and approval by the administration. Then you will see the ability to sell your videos in the video settings when uploading or modifying the videos in your account.

I upgraded to the paid membership, but I did not see the paid subscription feature in my channel?

This feature will appear to you after you activate the earnings system in your account, as we explained in activating the feature of selling videos previously.

If you have a question, you can contact the support on the platform or send a message on the Contact Us page and we will answer you

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