How to activate earnings on videos on the platform?

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How to activate earnings on videos on the platform?

How to activate earnings on videos on the platform?

Profit from videos on the Ektshaf platform

The ektshaf platform is the first platform that provides more than one way to profit for users, in support of us to discover talents and give them the opportunity to showcase their talents to the world and also make money.

 One of the profit methods provided by the platform is the points collection system. We provide another way for users with talents to profit from the videos that they upload on the platform, which is the way to activate paid ads on videos (as in YouTube with AdSense)

How to make a profit from paid ads on your videos?

The same is the for YouTube with Google Adsense. Where each YouTube channel owner can activate the profits on his channel to profit from Google Adsense ads that are displayed inside his videos. We also offer the same idea on the ektshaf platform. 

We allow the owners of channels or accounts in the platform to activate the profit from paid ads on their videos, as part of the support plan provided by the platform to them.

Conditions for activating profit through videos in the platform

An ektshaf platform, like all platforms, follows the same advertising policy and the policy of activating the profit on the private videos of each user on the platform.

 But here we are supporting talents, so the conditions for activating the profit will not be difficult conditions such as YouTube, Tik Tok, or other platforms. And here are the conditions for activating the profit on videos on the platform:

  1. Get 500 followers for your channel or account
  2. upload more than 15 videos on the platform
  3. your videos get more than 50.000 views 
  4. Your account on the platform has been activated by confirming the email
  5. verify your identity on the platform ( see how to verify your identity on the platform )

Advantages of activating the earnings system in your videos 

The ektshaf platform is the first platform that follows a new profit method and is different from the rest of the platforms that exist on the Internet, on top of which is the YouTube platform. 

And here is the reason why our platform is the best profit system that you will use on the Internet

  1. You will be able to profit from the paid ads that are shown on your videos on the platform.
  2. You will be able to sell your videos to viewers (you set a price for the video that the viewer pays you to watch the video content).
  3. earn from subscribing to your channel (in order for others to follow you, they must pay you the amount you specify).
  4. Your video rental system will be available to the user (every video has the property rights of its owner. You can rent or sell it for a price).
  5. It will be available to the user or the owner of the video to specify which video he wants to activate the profits through the new video upload settings that will appear after accepting your request to activate the profits.
  6. It will also be available for the user to stop the earnings system on videos at any time as he wants.

All of these features for us can be found in any other platform that offers profit from videos to users

How can you apply for the activation of earnings in your videos?

After your account is ready and meets the conditions for applying to the video profit system. You can submit a request to the platform management in order for the profit to be activated for you on your videos. Here are the steps :

activation of earnings

  1. Open the earnings section or click on this link here
  2. A page will appear to you with some data that you have to type
  3. Name: Write your name as in the account on the platform
  4. Additional Details: You can add additional details about yourself here
  5. Your personal photo: You must upload a personal photo
  6. A copy of the passport or ID card: You have to upload a photo of the card or passport to verify it
  7. Submit a request: After you have completed all the required data, click on submit an application, and the support team on the platform will review your request, and either it will be accepted or rejected in case the data is incorrect.

After accepting your request, you can start earning money from:

earning money

  1. Paid ads on your videos.
  2. Sell ​​your videos to viewers for a fee to be reused on other sites.
  3. Rent your videos to other viewers or users for reuse.
  4. Activate the paid subscription to your channel. Your followers will pay you money to subscribe to your channel on the platform.
If you have a question, you can contact the support on the platform or send a message on the Contact Us page and we will answer you

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