How to use chat and post on the platform?

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How to use chat and post on the platform?

How to use chat and post on the platform?

Why use the Ektshaf platform?

An ektshaf platform that combines all the advantages of social networking sites. We have provided the feature of chat between users and the feature of publishing posts in personal accounts. 

Each user now can communicate with other users or followers through the chat in his account. Also, each user can publish posts On his account page on the platform to create a kind of interaction between the user and his followers. 

Where followers can make comments and likes on these posts, just like on Facebook.

How to use the chat in your account on the platform?

You can now communicate with users of the platform through the internal chat in each user account on the platform and here are the steps : 


  1. Open the page of the user you want to communicate with through chat.
  2. In its account, you will find the shape of the chat icon.
  3. Click on it to start chatting with him.
  4. Now write what you want for him and he will receive a notification in his account that you have contacted him.

How to use the feature to publish posts in your account on the platform?

It is good to have followers on the platform. But it is better if they interact with you continuously, not only through your videos on the platform. 

Now you can create publications for you on your page through the activities section so that your followers interact with you by making a like and commenting on your posts and here are the steps to do that

  1. Open your personal page on the platform .
  2. Go to the activities section on the same page.
  3. Click on Create Post.
  4. Write what you want to appear to your followers on the platform.
  5. Upload a picture of the post (uploading videos are not allowed).
  6. Make a post and start interacting with your page followers on the. platform

If you have a question, you can contact the support on the platform or send a message on the Contact Us page and we will answer you

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